Serie RL14

Body material: SA216WCC, SA351CF8M
Medium: Gases, Vapours and Liquids

Features and Benefits
  • Precision lapped metal or soft seats provide premium seat tightness meeting or exceeding API 527 leakage standards.
  • Materials of construction provide flexibility. CS, SS, Monel®, Hastelloy® C, and other can be used in liquids, gases, corrosive media, H2S and cryogenic services.
  • ASME VIII compliance. Quality manufacturing and design meet certified relieving capacities by the National Board of Boilers and the Pressure Vessel Inspectors.
  • Fourteen parts in RL14 Series provide simple reliable construction and ease of maintenance.

General Specifications
  • ASME VIII UV Certified
  • 1/2-inch × 1-inch to 2-inch × 2-inch Inlet/Outlets
  • 5 to 5,000 psig pressure range
  • -400°F to +750°F temperature range
  • Threaded, flanged, socket weld, and butt weld connections
  • Metal or soft seats
  • Standard accessories: lift levers and test gags
  • Exotic materials (Monel® & Hastelloy® C) available
  • Compliance to NACE MR-0175
  • Oxygen cleaning (LOX, GOX)

Technical Data
    RL14 Series
    Vapor and Liquid Service
  • Inlet: 1/2-inch to 1-inch
  • Orifice: 0.077 inch²
  • Fixed blowdown